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Type: tournament environment
Participation Requirements: DCI number, entry fee, nationality matching the tournament location Availability: North America, Europe, Japan
Initiation Date: 2006-03-18 Structure: modified Swiss style, top 8 single elimination
Notes: - Only one tournament takes place in a specified region at a given time.
- Only one tournament takes place per state in the USA.

Prize Schedule

Date Format Cards Requirements
2006-03-18 Standard Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck 1 Electrolyze participation
1 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind 4th place or better (team)
2006-06-24 Standard Sealed Deck and Booster Draft 1 Rakdos Guildmage participation
1 Voidslime 8th place or better
2006-10-21 Standard Constructed 1 Urza's Factory participation
1 Serra Avenger 8th place or better
Notes: - Each player of the winning team receives the prize.


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