Redemption Program Index


Type: product exchange program
Aim: exchange flawed product for corrected product
Participation Requirements: none Availability: worldwide
Initiation Date: 1994-06-?? Status: currently inactive


Date Send Receive Reason
1994-06-?? 1 English Legends uncommon card from list A or B
no more than 2 copies per card, 100 cards maximum
1 English Legends uncommon cards of choice from the opposite list
no more than 2 copies per card
unbalanced distribution of uncommon cards in English Legends Booster Packs
1996-10-?? 2 Japanese Mirage Crystal Vein cards 1 Japanese Mirage Crystal Vein card
1 Japanese Mirage Flood Plain
1 Japanese Nalathni Dragon
erroneous replacement of all Japanese Mirage Flood Plain cards with additional Japanese Mirage Crystal Vein cards on print sheet
1998-04-?? 1 Earthcraft / Dream Halls / Mind over Matter / Recurring Nightmare / Fluctuator / Time Spiral / Tolarian Academy / Memory Jar card of any language 1 Booster Pack of the respective set in the respective language high quantity of banned cards in the Standard tournament format
1999-10-?? 1 non-premium Spanish Mercadian Masques Worry Beads card 1 non-premium Spanish Mercadian Masques Eye of Ramos card erroneous replacement of all non-premium Spanish Mercadian Masques Eye of Ramos cards with additional non-premium Spanish Mercadian Masques Worry Beads cards on print sheet
Notes: - Cards are sent to the local Magic distributor.

Legends Card Exchange Lists

List A List B
Adventurers' Guildhouse Arboria Abomination Azure Drake
Backdraft Blight Backfire Barktooth Warbeard
Blue Mana Battery Brine Hag Beasts of Bogardan Black Mana Battery
Cathedral of Serra Cocoon Blood Lust Craw Giant
Deadfall Eternal Warrior Crevasse Demonic Torment
Floral Spuzzem Frost Giant Dream Coat Dwarven Song
Great Defender Green Mana Battery Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Fallen Angel
Hammerheim Heaven's Gate Fortified Area Great Wall
Hunding Gjornersen Ivory Guardians Greater Realm of Preservation Hammerheim
Kry Shield Land Tax Horror of Horrors Hyperion Blacksmith
Lord Magnus Mana Drain Ichneumon Druid Infernal Medusa
Marhault Elsdragon Mountain Yeti Jasmine Boreal Jedit Ojanen
Pradesh Gypsies Presence of the Master Jerrard of the Closed Fist Karakas
Princess Lucrezia Puppet Master Kasimir the Lone Wolf Kismet
Rabid Wombat Radjan Spirit Kobold Drill Sergeant Kobold Taskmaster
Ramirez DePietro Relic Barrier Lady Orca Lesser Werewolf
Relic Bind Sea King's Blessings Life Chisel Marble Priest
Seafarer's Quay Seeker Mountain Stronghold Part Water
Shimian Night Stalker Silhouette Pavel Maliki Pendelhaven
Sir Shandlar of Eberyn Sivitri Scarzam Primordial Ooze Quagmire
Spectral Cloak Spirit Link (Æ)rathi Berserker Red Mana Battery
Sunastian Falconer Sylvan Library Reincarnation Reset
Takklemaggot Tor Wauki Righteous Avengers Riven Turnbull
Undertow Underworld Dreams Segovian Leviathan Shield Wall
Unholy Citadel Wall of Dust Storm Seeker Sylvan Paradise
Wall of Light Wall of Putrid Flesh The Lady of the Mountain Tobias Andrion
Wall of Tombstones White Mana Battery Tolaria Torsten Von Ursus
Touch of Darkness Untamed Wilds
Urborg Visions
Wall of Wonder Whirling Dervish
Winds of Change


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