I am currently offering the following items:

Standard Magic Cards
  • English cards from all sets from Arabian Nights to Fallen Empires
  • English cards from all editions from Beta to Revised Edition
  • English cards from Portal
  • Italian cards from Legends and The Dark
  • German cards from all sets from Ice Age to Exodus
  • German cards from all editions from Revised Edition black-bordered to 5th Edition
  • German cards from Renaissance and Portal
  • 1 Set of Alternate Art and Non-Reprinted Starter Cards
Promotional Cards
  • English HarperPrism Book Promo Cards Arena, Mana Crypt, Sewers of Estark
  • English Nalathni Dragon
  • 1996 Arena League Prize Cards Forest, Island, Mountain, Plains, Swamp
  • DCI Legend Membership Counterspell and Incinerate Cards
Asian Alternate Art Cards
  • S-Chinese 7th Edition Raise Dead non-foiled
  • S-Chinese 8th Edition Carrion Wall non-foiled
  • S-Chinese Urza's Saga Fire Ants
Misprinted Cards
  • German Mirage Ebony Charms (both versions)
  • German Drudge Skeletons/Swamp Cards
  • German Manabarbs/Sedge Troll Cards
  • German Forest/Plains Cards
  • German El-Hajjaj/Warp Artifact Card
Miscellaneous Cards
  • Starter Tip and Rebate Cards
  • English Portal 2 Tip Card
  • InQuest Theme Deck Cards Elemental, Minotaur, Primate, Vampire
  • Ultra Pro Puzzle Cards Black Lotus #2, 6
  • Volrath Duelist Life Counter Card
  • Labelled Magic Guru Card
  • WC 1997 filler cards
  • German Rivals Support Cards
  • Magic Comics Advertisement Card
  • Magic T-Shirts and Statues Advertisement Cards
  • US Duelist advertisement card
  • Portal 2 Advertisement Card
  • English Portal Hint Cards
  • German Portal Hint Cards
  • English Legends Rule Cards
Oversized Cards
  • 6x9 Autumn Willow
  • 6x9 Chaos Orb
  • Boxtopper Avatar of Hope Promo
  • Unlimited Edition Starter Deck Boxes Empty
  • British 8th Edition Core Game Box Set Opened, 1 Set of "S" Cards Missing
  • S-Chinese 7th Edition Box Set Opened
Token Cards
  • Crazy Clowns Japanese Serf Token 8th Series
  • Crazy Clowns Thopter Token 7th Series
  • Card Game Magazine Beast Token
  • Armada Comics Counter Sheets #1 and 2 Unpunched
  • German 8th Edition Demogame Playmat
  • Japanese Scourge Poster Depicting All Scourge Cards
  • Magic Calendar 1997
  • Mana Burn Board Game
  • Limited Edition Kartefakt Subscription Print by Franz Vohwinkel 

  • English Revised Edition Rule Books
  • English Ice Age Rule Book
  • English Odyssey Rule Insert
  • English Nemesis Theme Deck Strategy Guides
  • English Starter Demogame Sheet
  • English Odyssey Consumer Response Leaflets
  • English Torment Fat Pack Response Leaflet
  • US Rivals Quick Start Set miniature Duelist issue
  • German Revised or 4th Edition Rule Book
  • Finnish/Swedish Portal 2 Demogame Sheet

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