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One of the advantages of being the creator of Magic: the Gathering is that you get to make your own cards. Richard Garfield has used this privilege thrice, celebrating different aspects of his life.

Proposal is not a real card but a color copy sticker glued to a basic land. It was created to be given to Garfield's girlfriend Lily Wu to propose marriage during a game of Magic. The legend goes that it took four games for Richard to draw the card, but when he finally played it, she accepted.

There are 9 Proposal cards in existence. One of them was given to Quinton Hoover, creator of the artwork and one of Lily Wu's favored artists, but was stolen off the table at a convention in Tokyo in 1999 and never reappeared. Another copy was handed to Dave Howell, at that time production manager of Wizards of the Coast and technical creator of the card. The other cards were given to members of the Garfield family and are kept in privacy, as Richard Garfield does not want images of this card to appear in public.

Splendid Genesis and Fraternal Exaltation were created to commemorate the births of Richard's and Lily's children. These cards were included in the birth announcements sent to their friends. Additional copies were distributed to Wizards of the Coast employees. It is estimated that one sheet of Splendid Genesis cards and two sheets of Fraternal Exaltation cards were printed, indicating 110 copies of the former card and and 220 copies of the latter card to exist.

The first birth announcement came with a card-sized square-cornered glossy sticker of a Spendid Genesis card glued on the front.

Richard Garfield, Ph. D.

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001 Proposal Quinton Hoover part of Garfield's marriage proposal deck 1993-11
002 Splendid Genesis Monique Thirifay birth announcement addition of Garfield's first child, Terry 1997-09
003 Fraternal Exaltation Susan Garfield birth announcement addition of Garfield's second child, Schuyler 1999-??