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The Guru program was initiated by Wizards of the Coast at the 12th of July in 1999 to promote Magic more effectively. Participants in the Guru program received a Guru kit which included a Guru book to explain how the program worked, personalized Guru labels, new player referral postcards, and Magic Guru referral cards which looked like a real Magic card. Additionally, special Demogame boosters of Starter level Magic sets and playmats were added on demand. The design of the Guru book changed over time.

Gurus could report new players by sending in one of the new player referral postcards, filled out by the new player and individualized by one of the Guru labels. The new player was then registered in a database and the Guru received 1 Guru point for his work. Additionally both the Guru and the new player were entered into a contest with quarterly prize schedules. Gurus could win a booster box of the current expert level set, new players had a chance to win a $ 100 US gift certificate which could be redeemed at selected stores.

Gurus could also recruit new Gurus by giving them one of the Magic Guru referral cards, personalized with a Guru label. The new Guru could add them to his Guru kit order. If he did, both the referred and the referring Guru received 5 Guru points.

For every 10 Guru points, the Guru received one randomly chosen Guru land and one booster of the latest expert level Magic set. Wizards of the Coast kept a record which lands had been rewarded to insure that after 50 Guru points each Guru had a complete set of Guru lands.

The Guru program was discontinued on February 27, 2001.

Guru book

Guru book

new player referral card

Magic Guru referral card front

Magic Guru referral card back


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001 Forest Terese Nielsen Guru program reward 1999-07-12
002 Island Terese Nielsen Guru program reward 1999-07-12
003 Mountain Terese Nielsen Guru program reward 1999-07-12
004 Plains Terese Nielsen Guru program reward 1999-07-12
005 Swamp Terese Nielsen Guru program reward 1999-07-12