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The Redemption Program is created by Wizards of the Coast to appease customers in case a major product flaw occurs. This program has been invoked four times:

Due to a sorting error in June 1994, prior to packaging, all uncommon Legends cards were divided into two groups. As a result, whole booster boxes were filled with duplicates of only one group of uncommon cards. In response, Wizards of the Coast published a list of all affected cards in The Duelist magazine issue #2 and offered to replace sent-in cards from one group with the same amount of cards from the other group, chosen by the customer. No more than two copies of a card could be sent in, and the offer was limited to 100 cards per person.

Caused by a printing error in October 1996, the Japanese Mirage set was missing the card Flood Plain. In its place an extra Crystal Vein was printed. Wizards of the Coast offered a replacement: For two sent-in Japanese Crystal Veins, the customer received one Japanese Crystal Vein and a Japanese Flood Plain. Additionally a Japanese Nalathni Dragon was added as a bonus card.

In a similar case in September 1999, the Spanish Mercadian Masques set was missing the card Eye of Ramos. In its place an additional Worry Beads card was printed. As a method of redemption, Wizards of the Coast offered to replace sent-in Spanish Worry Beads with Spanish Eye of Ramos cards.

Because of the high quantity of banned cards in the Standard tournament environment during the Tempest and Urza's Saga block area, in April 1998 Wizards of the Coast activated their Redemption Program for the fourth time. Customers could send in all banned rare cards of both expert level blocks, in specific Earthcraft, Dream Halls, Mind over Matter, Recurring Nightmare, Fluctuator, Time Spiral, Tolarian Academy, and Memory Jar, and received one booster pack of the same set the banned card originated from per card.

The Nalathni Dragon also exists in English.

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001 ナラスニ・ドラゴン
(Nalathni Dragon)
Michael Whelan Redemption Program bonus card 1996-10