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The Duelist was the first official Wizards of the Coast magazine released in Fall 1993 and soon evolved into a comprehensive source of information for all Wizards of the Coast products and related topics. Starting as a highly artistic magazine, over time it lost some of its aesthetic appeal. Due to the increasing popularity of the internet and its inherent advantages, The Duelist was discontinued after 41 issues in September 1999.

The Dragon*Con is a famous convention in Atlanta, Georgia for fans of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror genres and debuted in 1986. In July 1994, visitors were given a postcard voucher which could be mailed in and redeemd for a Nalathni Dragon promotional card. The card was sent in October 1994, along with a certificate of authentity. Originally, the card was announced with a print run of 10,000 and was supposed to be available exclusively for attendants of the convention, but due to complaints about the limited availability and to stem price gouging, the print run was increased, and the card was additionally distributed in issue #3 of the The Duelist magazine and in issue #4 of the The Duelist Companion magazine. There also exists as a Japanese version which has been distributed in one of the Wizards of the Coast Redemption Programs.

Over the years lots of cards and other items have been published with The Duelist. There are three oversized cards. Additionally there is a series of fantasy cards. Furthermore there are three advertisement cards. Finally there are two kinds of Magic accessories. One is a set of four life counter cards, the other is a set of counters and tokens.

The Duelist #3 magazine

The Duelist #39 magazine

The Duelist Companion  #4 magazine

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Nalathni Dragon Michael Whelan Dragon*Con attendance bonus 1994-07-15
The Duelist #3 magazine addition 1994-10
Duelist Companion #4 magazine addition 1994-11

Scent of Cinder Carl Critchlow The Duelist #39 magazine addition 1999-07